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Product Designer with Kraydel, a SME in the healthcare technology space.  Konnect consists of software and hardware that supports remote wellness monitoring for older and vulnerable adults.

Product Design, UX, UI, Brand management

February 2021 - Present

A web extension game that invites players to critically and playfully engage with website interfaces, and calls to redefine how data privacy manifests in our screens. Graduation Project, Design Academy Eindhoven

UI, Future Thinking, Gamification

Sketch, Anima, Figma, AfterEffects, Photoshop

This pilot project strategically redesigned government services associated with giving birth, whilst navigating complex issues of privacy and personalisation; for the City of Haarlem, NL and the VNG (Union of Dutch Municipalities).

Service Design, UX, UI, Systems Thinking, Scrum 

Sketch, Invision,
Keynote, PremierePro


How much of Google’s behaviour do you agree with? This web experience invites us to exercise our power as consumers, by placing us at the heart of major developments in the timeline of Google’s growth. Graduation Project, Design Academy Eindhoven

UX, UI, Research, Information Architecture

Sketch, Overflow, Invision, PremierePro, AfterEffects