Government as a Platform

Context: An 20 week service design project, digitising government services for clients Gemeente Haarlem and Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten (VNG). Our multidisplinary team worked with agile methodology and reimagined a hollistic government service that supported citizens in giving birth. 

Service Design, UX, UI, Systems Thinking, Scrum

Sketch, Invision,
Keynote, PremierePro

01. Project Brief
02. Process
03. Research
04. Challenges
05. Service Offering


Project Brief

Dutch municipalities are in a process of digitizing their services following a proposed set of agile software development principles, called Common Ground.

Our project acted as a pilot for these principals, and had the dual purpose of inspiring confidence in the digital transformation process. 

“How can we design transparent and personalised governmental services that facilitate the registration of a newborn, entirely online?”


Annotated Portfolio

Providing insight through a research report, annotating international initiatives and  documenting examples of Government as a Platform (GaaP).

Proof of Concept

Visualising scenario and interface; including Data Flow Visualisation Interoperability Scenarios, Use Cases, User Journies.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The DSS aligns projects with the following U.N Sustainable Development Goals:
16Peace, Justice and Fair Institutions
17 - Partnerships for the goals
9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure



Over 5 design sprints, across 20 weeks, we deconstructued our stakeholders’ goals, and the complex legal and technical constraints of the project. 

Our team was newly formed, and worked under an agile methodology and Scrum framework to support our work process. 
Stakeholder Map

Sprint 1

︎Mapping skills and learning gaps across the team

︎Familiarisation with e-government concepts

︎Problem framing

︎Stakeholder Map

︎Service Analysis
Sprint 2

︎Contextual Research Design: building a framework for the annotated portfolio

︎Field Research Design: Questionaire, Interview and Interactive Prototype

︎Expert interviews for technical back end infrastructure
Sprint 3

︎ Field research, gathering data

︎Preliminary Analysis - coding, distilling insights identifying research gaps

︎Vision & Mission

︎MusCoW list of key functions and features of platform

︎Skill sharing
Sprint 4

︎Indepth and quantative anaysis, field and contextual

︎ Information architecture

︎Persona and scenario writing

︎User journey, data flow

︎Wireframing sketching
Sprint 5

︎HQ wireframing

︎Editing and formatting annotated portfolio

︎Service design map

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